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Adult braces. They can be one of the most positive life choices an adult can make – and they can solve problems people have been dealing with for years or even decades – but at least 71% of adults hesitate to get them.

As an Orthodontic practice, we’ve experienced firsthand all the doubts, fears and myths. We’ve also experienced all the life-changing moments, pleasant surprises, and perfect smiles on the other side of adult braces.

If you’re hesitating to get adult braces, have a read of this list of reasons we’ve put together. Myths are debunked, stories are told, and hopefully some new and surprising information about orthodontic technology will be revealed to you.


1. Adult Braces Have Become Extremely Common

If you’re worried about being the odd one out, you might be comforted by the fact that studies show adults are seeking orthodontic treatment at record levels worldwide.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) has reported fast-increasing levels of adult treatment across the country. So no matter what your worries might be, you won’t be alone in getting adult braces. In fact, you’ll be joining the approximately 1 in 3 dental patients in Australia who are adults.


2. “What will Others Think?” … Apparently, not Much

“What will others think? How will I look? Am I too old?”

These questions are common. In fact, a wide-scale American survey on adult braces found that 71% of respondents had these questions before treatment started.

What surprised researchers was that the vast majority of these adults didn’t have any of these concerns once treatment actually began.

A perfect local example is Tracy Morgan, 43, from WA. She never had braces as a kid, but decided to make a change in January 2016. She paid $8000 for white ceramic braces, which are more discreet than the traditional wire set.

“Quite a few of my friends I know have braces and they say they’ve seen lots of adults with them.” Tracy told news.com.au. “I flew to Sydney with a friend recently and the lady at the desk had them on. When I took my daughter to get her driver’s licence recently, the lady behind the counter was wearing braces.”

So matter what your worries might be, both fact and opinion say those with adult braces aren’t alone.


3. Braces Improve Confidence (Which can Improve your Whole Life)

Many adult patients often have gone years—even decades—trying to hide their teeth, while not even entertaining the idea of orthodontic treatment because of the misplaced concern about having treatment as an adult.

“I always hated my smile and the way my teeth looked,” Tracy recalls. “Whenever I had a photo taken I’d always have my mouth closed. They were quite crowded and moving in all different directions.”

If you’ve had a similar experience, imagine what a difference a perfect smile could make to your life.


4. Extremely Discreet Options are Now Available

If the look of braces is a real sticking point, consider some of the newer more discreet options.

Invisalign – These nearly invisible clear aligners can treat more conditions than ever, and are getting more affordable by the month.

Lingual Braces – Even more discreet than Invisalign, lingual braces are attached to the back of your teeth. The only people who know you have these braces will be the ones you tell.

Damon Clear Braces – Clear brackets on a more traditional set of braces reduces their visibility, while maintaining the wide variety of treatment options and lower cost of traditional braces.


5. What’s Holding You Back After All?

The common theme among adult patients is usually that something has stopped them from getting braces in the past.

Whether it’s a fear of looking different, the cost, or simply the fact that you haven’t considered it, the obstacles come down easier than you might think.


Today’s wide variety of innovative treatment options can make the process of orthodontic treatment barely noticeable, while offering the dual lifetime benefits of improved oral health and a more attractive smile.

Jack McLennan, 27 and from Sydney, remarks on his turnaround from worrying about braces to seeing other adults become jealous.

“For the first few weeks I was definitely the butt of a few jokes, but surprisingly, as my teeth have improved, everyone is suddenly bombarding me with questions. They’re so curious,” Mr McLennan said.


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