The Lowdown on Lingual Braces

What are lingual braces?

Are you considering an alternative to regular braces? Haven’t heard of lingual braces before? Well that’s because lingual braces are a relatively unknown treatment option that’s becoming increasing popular with adults. Also known as ‘inside braces’, lingual braces are placed on the inside of the mouth as opposed to on the outside. This makes them … Continued

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Women with braces

How Do Braces Work?

Are you looking at getting braces but aren’t quite sure how they work? You’re not alone. Most people know about the orthodontic treatment, and they know that they’re all about straightening your teeth, but few people know how they actually work. It’s very common to see children, teenagers, and even adults wearing braces, but let’s take … Continued

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Difference Between An Orthodontist And A Dentist

Many people don’t understand what an orthodontist is, what they do and how they differ from a regular dentist. Orthodontists are dental specialists and deal with a very different area of dentistry that requires special training. They specialise in the treatment of dental and facial irregularities to help correctly align teeth, bites and jaws, and … Continued

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Teen Braces Guide for parents graphic

Braces for Teens – A Guide for Parents

If you’re considering braces for your teen, you’ve got questions. Lots of them… and perhaps so many that you don’t know exactly where to start. This brief guide is intended to guide to take you through some of the top-level concerns and guide your questions and research so that you can get some peace of … Continued

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Braces vs Invisalign - Which is Right for Me

Braces vs. Invisalign – Which is Right for Me?

If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth (or your kids teeth), the first question you’ll want to ask yourself is exactly how you’d like to straighten them. Advances in dental technology have seen a number of new teeth-straightening methods hit the market in recent years, but for most people the big question is: Braces or … Continued

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Electronic consult

Get an Orthodontic Consult from Home!

The E-Consult allows you to apply for a consultation in minutes from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to reschedule your entire day in order to fit in a visit to your local orthodontist, and the process couldn’t be easier. Just enter some basic information about your teeth (or your kids’ teeth!), … Continued

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How to Prepare for Getting Braces

Have you or your child been told you need braces? It can be a pretty daunting moment when your orthodontist drops the B-word. You may feel upset or anxious about the upcoming adjustment. After all, getting braces is a life changing decision. However, it’s also important to remember any inconveniences of braces are only temporary. … Continued

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What are Functional Appliances?

Crooked teeth aren’t the only orthodontic issue which can impact aesthetic appearance. A misaligned bite or teeth sticking out too far can cause people to feel self-conscious over their otherwise straight smile. This is where functional appliances can help. Designed for young people with still-growing jaws, functional appliances take advantage of this natural growth potential … Continued

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Thumb Sucking and Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

When infants get their first teeth, it is a cause for celebration. It’s a rite of passage that all humans go through, and sometimes we forget that oral hygiene must start at the earliest stages, if we hope to prolong a healthy, beautiful smile throughout life. Never is this more true than with young children. … Continued

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