The Health Benefits of Braces

When people think about getting braces, they often don’t think past getting straighter teeth. While it’s certainly true that a primary function of braces is to straighten your teeth and give you a beautiful smile, there are many other benefits that improve not only how your teeth look, but their health, too.   Improve Speech … Continued

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Patient with braces

How Do I Know If I Need Braces?

Do I need braces? The question can pop up for any number of reasons. Maybe you’re unhappy with your smile, and have been thinking about braces for a long time. Maybe you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your teeth or jaw. Maybe your teeth (or your kids’ teeth) are coming in, and look like they … Continued

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Electronic consult

Get an Orthodontic Consult from Home!

The E-Consult allows you to apply for a consultation in minutes from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to reschedule your entire day in order to fit in a visit to your local orthodontist, and the process couldn’t be easier. Just enter some basic information about your teeth (or your kids’ teeth!), … Continued

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How to Prepare for Getting Braces

Have you or your child been told you need braces? It can be a pretty daunting moment when your orthodontist drops the B-word. You may feel upset or anxious about the upcoming adjustment. After all, getting braces is a life changing decision. However, it’s also important to remember any inconveniences of braces are only temporary. … Continued

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What are Functional Appliances?

Crooked teeth aren’t the only orthodontic issue which can impact aesthetic appearance. A misaligned bite or teeth sticking out too far can cause people to feel self-conscious over their otherwise straight smile. This is where functional appliances can help. Designed for young people with still-growing jaws, functional appliances take advantage of this natural growth potential … Continued

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Thumb Sucking and Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

When infants get their first teeth, it is a cause for celebration. It’s a rite of passage that all humans go through, and sometimes we forget that oral hygiene must start at the earliest stages, if we hope to prolong a healthy, beautiful smile throughout life. Never is this more true than with young children. … Continued

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Adult Braces – Discreet and Affordable Options

Have you always wanted a straighter smile, but are worried it’s too late to seek treatment now? For those that missed the boat of orthodontics during teenage years, you may be unsure whether it’s unusual or even possible for you to look into options like braces as an adult. The good news is, there are … Continued

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The Lowdown on Lingual Braces

The Low Down on Lingual Braces

Want to enjoy a straighter smile but don’t fancy the idea of a mouth full of metal? You’re not alone. Many people are put off getting braces after seeing the traditional models with brackets and wires lining the front of the teeth. Adults especially can feel insecure about the look of braces, which can seem … Continued

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