Break Habits to Avoid Complications

Thumb sucking, or sucking on any fingers, is a common habit for young children. While thumb sucking doesn’t always lead to tooth problems, if it continues during a growth spurt it can create complications that require a combination of orthodontic and surgical treatments to correct.

If diagnosed in time, the tooth misalignments caused by thumb sucking can be treated with less invasive treatments. Treatment, whether invasive or not, can also help break the habit. Our early interceptive orthodontic treatments are in place to prevent long term dental problems. 


What Problems Result from Thumb Sucking?

  • Protruding upper anterior teeth (the upper front teeth are pushed outwards)
  • Lower anterior teeth that lean in (the lower front teeth are pushed inwards)
  • A condition called ‘open-bite’ which prevents the upper and lower front teeth from meeting even when the mouth is closed
  • Speech problems
  • The tongue doesn’t sit well in the mouth, constricting the upper jaw and leading to a lateral cross-bite (teeth are shifted left or right)

If you have any concern that your child’s habits might lead to dental problems, schedule a consultation with our specialists and we’ll answer your questions.